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"Health is wealth". A Very Special weightage is given to both Traditional and Modern games like Gulli Danda, Langadi, Atyapatya, Lagori,Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Top, Cricket, Badminton, Skating Rink, T.T, Handball, Basketball, Throw ball, Hockey, Carom, Chess, Archery, Swimming, Football, Gymnastics, Meditation and Yoga etc.

We nurture aesthetic sense of learners through art and craft. Children have the opportunity to enhance their creativity. Art & Craft room helps students grow their creative sense.

Clubs such as Calligraphy & Origami Club, I explore Club, Heritage & Dramatics Club, Fun with numbers Club, Classical Dance Club, Melody & Sanskar Club, Soft Skills Club, Informatics Club, Contests, Health. Debate Competition and much more help nurture passion of children.

Every day is not the same in SIS. We have an universally accepted concept of happening and super weekend concept. Every Saturday becomes fun day for a student of SIS. The day begins with travelling to school without bag and any worries of studies. Along with this various training programs, workshops, seminars are arranged for teachers.

Music is an inevitable part of man's life. Pupils have the chance to learn/play variety of musical instruments such as Tabala, Harmonium, Keyboard, Guitar, Harp, Mouth Organ, Flute, Drum, Congo, and Mandolin. Dance is an instinct. Dance like Indian Classical, Western, Folk, Hip hop, Salsa, Freestyle, Tollywood, Contemporary & Semi classical help children to shake their hands and feet.